Painted Cookie Art

  1.  Find an image, bake your cookie ‘canvas’ and gather your tools. 
    Painted Lady 2
  2. Trace your image on to your cookie.  Either by using a projector, or using tracing paper and an edible food marker.  Don’t worry if you mess up a little, you’ll be able to fix it, and no one will ever know. Painted Lady 3
  3. Outline your image and fill your background with royal icing.  Use a flesh tone for the exposed areas of skin.  Since you’ll be ‘painting’ the majority of the image, you can fill the sections in white, and not have to worry about mixing different base colors. Painted Lady 4
  4. Once your base and cookie are filled and royal icing is dry, start adding your colors.  Using gel food colors, mixed with alcohol (I use clear vodka), start adding your colors with clean brushes only to be used with your edible gel colors. Painted Lady 5
  5.  Paint as much or as little as desired, until your happy with your design. Painted Lady 6
  6. A beautifully created, completely edible work of art! Painted Lady 7

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