Catching Fire Flaming Arrow Cake Pops

Katniss Everdeen is the “The Girl on Fire” so we created some flaming arrow cake pops themed for the second book and movie (Catching Fire) in The Hunger Games trilogy!

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Cake Pop Ingredients:
• prepared cake pops (coated in white chocolate) (recipe here

• hard candies in red, yellow and orange
• melted white chocolate
• bright/shiny paper (I found mine at Target)

Prepare cake pops and allow to dry completely. Remove wrappers from hard candies and assemble as desired onto a parchment lined baking tray. I arranged mine in colour rows, leaving a small space between each candy for melting to occur. Place into preheated oven 300F and allow to melt which will take around 10 minutes. When melted, remove from oven and allow to cool, which will harden the candy again. It will not stick to the parchment paper. To create flame like pieces of candy, simply break the melted candy piece by dropping it onto the baking sheet or cutting it up. You want to have long skinny pieces to make the best flames. When you have done this, you’re ready to assemble! Using your melted white chocolate, apply a small amount to the cake pop in the location that you want the flames to go. I started from the bottom up, went around the bottom first, and then filled in the gaps on the next row up, and so on. You may have to hold each piece on for a few seconds in order for the chocolate to stick. Work your way up to the cake pop stick as desired. To finish off the cake pop, cut out an end of an arrow shape on the shiny paper, and using tape, apply the arrow end to the end of the cake pop.

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