Lambeth Method

Have fun with Bobbie learning how to pipe with the Lambeth method of Cake Decorating!


• Parchment rounds
• Cake dividing set (optional)
• Food safe marker
• Ruler
• Dress makers tape measure
• Pins
• Nozzles
• PME #2, #3, #4, and 13
• Ateco 16, 18, 101, and 199
• Coupler
• Royal Icing
• Piping bags
• Parchment cones, optional but very helpful
• tip covers
• Paper towel
• Artist brush, one large and one small
• Cake turn table
• Ribbon
• Beveled cake covered, either with fondant or royal icing
• Royal icing
• Water, boiled and cooled
• Sugar flowers, optional for the centre
You will want to use freshly paddled royal icing. If you prepared your royal icing the day prior, no big deal. Place the icing in your mixer, on low speed mix the icing for 3 to 7 minutes, until the icing is off-peak.

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Comments (6)


Do you need to pipe so slowly for this technique? It is so beautiful, how do you convince bride's to consider this method opposed to the trendy naked cakes and plain fondant.


I thought I wanted to try this, but my hands hurt just watching it. Also I do not have the patience obviously required.


Your video was perfect and so detailed! I felt as if I was in a classroom with you! Thank you! Are you planning to do anymore videos?