Brush Embroidery

How to brush embroider a cake with Royal icing.
Brush embroidery makes a really impressive pattern on any cake and best of all its easy to do!
Ideal for wedding cakes and gives a lovely vintage lace look to both cakes and cookies!
Best of all you don’t need loads of fancy equipment to make this! You just need a piping tube and bag! You can watch how to make a piping bag in my other You Tube video

. Hope you enjoy this video. Please feel free to message me with any thing else you would like to see.
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That was the most convenient method I have learned about how with royal icing, brush embroidering a cake can be done. Read 123helpme reviews and let us know about your essays. By using this technique, I have made very beautiful patterns on any cake. It is also very easy to do in this way.


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