Billow Puff Cupcakes

Love the Billowed Fondant look? Elise of MyCupcakeAddiction has adapted Susan Triano's method for cupcakes! So romantic and pretty.

Vintage cupcakes? Princess Party? High tea girly, mothers day – so many options depending on the colours you use and the cupcake style you match these up with.

Tools & Equipment:
Wax / baking paper
Fondant rolling pin
Pizza cutter (or sharp knife)

Frosting (recipe link below)
Cupcake to frost (red velvet recipe link below)
Fondant or modeling choclate (recipe links to both below)
Small round or shaped sprinkles

Comments (5)


I did not learn anything because the video I saw did not show anything,  only the cakes already made. Should edit the video so we can see what she is doing.


I don't know what susan1210 saw. The video I saw was a detailed,  very good description of how to do the billowy/pillowy cupcake topper. Thorough and very well done. Can't wait to try it.