DIY Florist Tape Splitter

Florist tape splitter

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Materials: gumpaste, clay or porcelain clay, rolling pin, good quality blade for exacto knife, 2 pieces of florist tape for guide.

2 ts


Cut out  templates from paper.

1x length of  blade  plus 2cms. (mine was 6cms+2cms=8cms) x 1.5cms wide, (the width of tape).

2 x same length and twice as wide  ( mine was 8cms x 3 cms ) these are the walls/sides.

Fold the tapes in half lengthwise for guide.

3 ts

I used gumpaste which had gone dry and was not any good for flowers hence the ‘dimpled look’.

Roll out your gumpaste 1 cm thick for the middle, place template and cut out.

Place the two strips of tape on either side as guide and carefully (blade is sharp) insert the bottom of the blade in the middle as deep as possible.

Roll out gumpaste .5 cm thick and cut out the 2 side pieces.

Using glue, stick them on either side.

To further enforce you can cut 2 cm pieces of wire and push it through at both ends.

4 ts

5 ts

6 ts

I made a top too by cutting out an oblong with rounded corners.

Make a thick long rope and attach with glue so that it will sit in the middle above the blade.

Allow everything to dry for a few days.

7 ts

8 ts

9 ts

Color some gumpaste,roll out thin  and cover the outside walls and bottom and the lid centre.

10 ts


Here you have it a tape splitter less than 5 bucks and works just as good.


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