Hatsune Miku Cake Topper Tutorial


The material you will need :
1. Ball tool with the different shape

2. Bamboo skewer

3. Toothpicks

4. Styrofoam cake board

5. Flat silicone brush

6. Baby blue, skin tone, blue, pink, black, white and green fondant

7. Black, white, pink, green gel colors to paint

I use modelling paste to make this figurine….but if you don’t have it. You can make it your own by adding the cmc to the fondant. The more you add, the more it’s become hard. If you can’t work fast, better you not add so much…otherwise will create elephant skin.



1. Cover your styrofoam cake board

2. Shape 2 balls to make the feet

3. Then shape it into oval, cut to make the toes and flatten black fondant

4. Then stick the feet form to the black fondant


5. Roll tiny green fondant

6. Then put it between the toes to make the sandals

7. Insert it to the board with the help of the bamboo skewer

8. Shape baby blue cone fondant like the picture



9. Pinch out the border to make it flat and lttle bit sharp

10. With plastic knife make diagonal cut like the picture

11. Stick it to the bamboo skewer

12. Roll baby blue fondant and shape triangle like the picture



13. Then just wrap around the top part of the body

14. Put the skin tone fondant like the picture

15. Then cut long blue fondant to create the cloth

16. Roll long thin green fondant to make the belt



17. Wrap the body like the picture and with plastic knife, make the pleats effect

18. Then with green fondant make the ribbon to put on the back..you can make one side ribbon like i did

19. Stick it to the back of the body

20. Then shape baby blue fondant like the picture to form the sleeves



21. With ball tool, make the hole like the picture

22. Make it two and attach it to the body

23. Form the skin tone ball to make the head

24. Then press it in the center with your small finger



25. Pich out with your fingers like the picture to make the definition of the eyes and nose

26. Then with the help of the ball tool, make the hole of the eyes

27. Then with the help of small ball tool, shape the nose

28. And you will get like the picture



29. With flat silicone brush shape the mouth

30. Then with the help of small ball tool, make it deeper the hole

31. Fill up the hole with pink fondant

32. Then i reshape again the head and take out the neck (if you already get nice and perfect head, you can skip this step because in the end you also need to cut the excess neck since we already give it to the body



33. Fill up the eyes with white fondant

34. Than make blue oval shape to make the color of the eyes

35. Then roll thin black fondant with the sharp edge

36. Put it around the eyes like the picture and cut the excess. Then i cut small edge of the shrap black fondant to make eyelashes effect



37. Then paint it the eyes with black gel and little bit of water

38. Then with white fondant i put the light of the eyes (if you feel difficult because the object to small, you also can paint it with white gel)

39. Make also the eyebrows with the black fondant

40. Cut the neck excess and stick it to the body



41. Shape the small sausage with skin tone and cut diagonally, you will get 2 hands but in the picture i show you one

42. Cut the thumb

43. Cut the others to make the fingers

44. Reshape everything and with your fingers, rolls it slowly each fingers to take of the square shape after you cut it



45. With the help of toothpicks, stick inside the hand to the sleeves

46. Paint the cloth as you wish, i painted it with white flowers motive

47. Then rolls blu fondant to put the hairs

48. And in the end i put some flowers that i cut with plunger cutter to decorate the hairs






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