3D Animal Cupcakes

The other day I wanted to make some animal cupcakes, but I wanted to make them different, so I started  thinking in using the cupcake as the body of the animal and just add the head and other parts of the body. I played with my idea and voilá, these super cute animals, super sweet and also with thousand of possibilities!!!

animal cupcAKES

1. The first thing to do is the head of the animal and I would recommend one day in advance, but if you make them two days in advance is perfect too.

For the head and details, I used the same fondant that I am going to use to cover the cupcakes so this way I will get the same uniformity in the whole cupcake. The rest of details you can make them when decorating the cupcakes, but remember that if you can have them done before, the day of the cupcakes you just have to be focused on the baking and the decoration.

In most of the animals we start with a ball and then make the details of the face. The good thing here is that there is no rule for that, just choose an animal and bring it to life with your idea or vision, all visions are great!!!

For these cupcakes, when you go to bake the cupcakes, I recommend to fill the baking cup a little bit more than usually, so that way we will  have a good place to insert the head.

mycollage (2)

2. Once you have the head done you have to insert a wet toothpick into the head so it will dry attached to it.

Once you have your cupcakes baked and cold, you have to put the buttercream and let it cool in the fridge. When the buttercream is cold and stiff just prepare your fondant and cut a circle to cover the cupcake. In the ducky cupcake I position the cupcake on one side so you can insert the head in the up side of the cupcake.


3. For this tiger I decided to put him upside down and use the cupcake in the regular way. I inserted the head in one side and I added the legs which are very easy to make. The fondant was orange and I hand painted with edible black ink. Isn’t it cute? I love it!!

tiger cupcake

4. This monkey is super nice!!! With the monkey I used the cupcake in the same way as I did with the duck. Just added his hands and legs and you have the sweet and funny monkey.

mono cupcakes

These cupcakes are super fun to make and remember that you have thousand of possibilities, you can make zebras, giraffes,  lions, hippos  well you have the whole jungle and farm to choose from. Hope you like it!!

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I had to log in just to congratulate you. Those cupcakes are beautiful and very creative. You are an artist! Congratulations. I love them.


These are so clever you are very creative. Luv them and can't wait to give them a go Thanks for divulging the technique.