Bunny the Artist Cake Topper

1 Cover a styrofoam ball with white sugar paste

2 give it the shape of a drop for the body of the rabbit

3 cut in half a cylinder of white fondant for the legs and bend in half by modeling the foot


5 Apply the leg to the body

6 proceed the same way for the other leg

7 with the leaf tool incise the body to create the texture

8 cut in half another cylinder for the front legs

make them in the same way of the hind legs;


9 Model a cylinder of beige fondant for the brush

10 apply between the fingers

11 cut out a beige oval

12 make the cavity for the colors with the ball tool


13 Put some colored balls into the cavities of the palette

14 model a small cone of white paste to the tip of the brush

15 apply

16 Roll a teardrop shape for the head


17 Apply 2 black fondant balls for the eyes and a small ball for the muzzle, indenting the top with the tip of a knife

18 roll a pink ball for the nose and insert two toothpicks on the head to support the ears

19 cut out two ovals on which white we apply two smaller pink ones

20 use the sugar gun to get the straw to put under the egg


21 Place a coated chocolate egg (egg-sized real) on the bed of straw

22 make a bow to put around the neck of the rabbit as a hat, apply the ears

23, 24 cut out flowers of different sizes with cutter and decorate the egg


25 Cover a styrofoam disc ( diameter 15 cm) with white sugar paste and decorate with spots of different colors that cut out with the cutter

26 apply a polka dot ribbon around the bunny and settle near the egg decorated. Add two smaller colored eggs. With the fine paintbrush color of yellow the tip of the sugar paste brush



Comments (7)


Very cute! I am a little confused with the eggs. Are they just candy eggs or actual hard boiled colored eggs? Thanks!


Adorable!!  Wonderful job on this tutorial, thanks for sharing.  You make it seem easy enough, that I might even be able to pull it off!!  Thank you, and Happy Easter!