Decorated Tufted Heart Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Learn a new technique and design: How to decorate a tufted heart sugar cookie.
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• Cookie cutters
• Lace heart cutter,OP
• PME #3 writing nozzle/tip
• PME # 1.5 writing nozzle/tip
• PME st-50, small leaf tip
• #0 Artist brush
• Scriber tool
• Paper cornet or piping bag
• Gel brush


• 1- sugar cookie recipe
• 1-royal icing recipe for string work
• Gum arabic
• Glucose
• Royal icing
• Vine food paste, SKGI
• Moss green food paste, Wilton
• Fondant
• Fairy pink petal dust, CC
• Everclear or lemon extract
• Cooled boiled water
• Small  sugar Rose
Bake, cool your sugar cookies completely and prepare your mise en place.
You will need an off-peak consistency royal icing and soft/medium consistency royal icing.
Filling the Paper Cornets/Piping Bag:
I find filling the piping bag with royal icing the size of my palm, meaning the portion of the bag of royal icing in no larger than the palm of my hand.
Fill your piping bag to the size of your palm, this will ensure you don not injure your hand with too much icing.
Fill your piping bag/cornet, fitted with the #3 writer nozzle/tip, with the off-peak consistency.
Fill your piping bag, fitted with # 1.5 writer nozzle/tip, with the soft-medium peak consistency.
Fill your piping bag, fitted with the small leaf tip, with the off-peak consistency.
For leaf colour piped calyx mix 1/2 toothpick of vine green and 1/2 toothpick of moss green food paste. Do not completely mix the colour to achieve a variation coloured calyx.

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