Miniature Modeling Chocolate Roses

These super cute little roses were made for my Halloween dessert, but unfortunately I didn’t like how they looked with the rest so they are still left unused. I had to sit outside and make them, it was too hot inside! The chocolate just melted! To achieve the red color, I added red gel colors to the chocolate before I added the corn syrup. It was a lot easier than coloring it once it had hardened!

The list of materials is really long, so bear with me:

Modeling chocolate
Saran wrap

1.. Begin with rolling 10 tiny balls out of modelling chocolate. They don’t have to have the exact same size and shape.


2.. Flatten the first 5 balls between two pieces of saran wrap. Try making the petals a little oval, and make the top edges a little thinner.


3.. Arrange the petals like the picture.


4.. Roll them together and carefully fold out the tree outer petals.


5.. Repeat with the remaining 5 petals and wrap them around the bud.


6.. Fold out all of the petals carefully and put to the side to harden.


7.. If you want, you can cut off some of the chocolate at the bottom, otherwise the flowers will be very tall!

And that was it! It can be a bit tricky in the beginning, since the petals might stick to each other a little, but after a few practice flowers, it is really simple!

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your mini roses! :D


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Thank you very much Tarttokig for this tutorial. Last year I had to make 130 of these small roses. When I had 20 roses done I was thinking of a more productive way. When you use some edible glue on the half of the petals (make the petals a little bit more oval) and roll them up, you can cut the roll in half. fold out the petals, now you have 2 roses! for a little bit of work extra. Good luck all.