Giant Cupcake Shell

I really like giant cupcakes. I love cupcakes in general so making it 24 times bigger is a plus in my opinion. But I get a lot of people asking the best way to finish off the base. Now there are many different options. You can buttercream it, similarly to the top. You can ice it with sugarpaste or you can leave it on it’s own in all it’s glory. But my favourite option has to be making a candy or chocolate shell to sit the base into. I think it’s very clean and neat, gives it a fab finish and it super easy to do!


You will need the base of your giant cupcake baking kit. I use the silicon one as it is much easier to get the base out than if you use a metal tin. And you will need some candy melts. This process also works with simply melts and belgian chocolate. I have found that if you use standard chocolate bars, it tends to crack easier when you are trying to get it out and it also melts when you are handling it.



Melt your candy melts/belgian chocolate.


Pour half of this into your giant cupcake base.


With a silicon brush, paint the candy/belgian chocolate up the sides of the case, being quite quick but firm.



It should look like this! Then pop it in the fridge to set for twenty minutes or so then take it out and give it a second coat repeating the first few steps. You may need to remelt your candy/chocolate. Then put back in the fridge for a further twenty minutes.


Gently peel the top of the case away from the shell to check it has set. Then go around the shell only releasing the top like this.


Then pull the sides of the base down away from the shell like so.

And there you should have your giant cupcake base shell!

You will need to trim the cake that was baked in this shell as we have now make the base a little thicker. So trim, split and fill then place the cake inside the shell gently. Once it’s in, decorate as desired!


Doesn’t that look lovely? ;-) I do find that making the shell gives it a nice finish




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It looks great....any suggestion on how to remove from the metal base....I have had no success at all. The chocolate shell really does give it a nice finish.


I'm getting ready to try this for my son's first birthday cake smash! Could you explain what you mean in the last step by "split and fill." I understand I need to trim the cake to fit, but this is kind of my first attempt at baking. Any help is appreciated!