Ruffle Frosting Tutorial

Amanda Rettke of shared this ruffle frosting tutorial with us, and we love the endless possibilities it inspires!

She starts out by showing a cake covered in simple ruffled stripes, but you can use the same technique to create a range of designs, including a festive Christmas tree:




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Ruffle Frosting Tutorial

1. Martha recommends using a #103 tip.  I think you can easily use a #102 or a #104 as well, and I did end up using a #102 for this cake.


2. Make sure the SMALL end of the tip is facing out and the larger end of the tip is touching the cake (slightly) as you pipe. The technique itself is simple, just choose how wide you want your ruffle, then pipe back and forth… going left to right all the way up the side of the cake. I would take a step back from the cake every three or four rows, just to make sure your rows are straight!


3. You can also make straight lines up the side of the crumb coat to help you keep upright all the way around your cake.




Check out the inside of Amanda’s cake:




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