Wicked Red Fondant Stiletto Tutorial

Shoes are every fashion lover’s number one accessory. It would only be fitting to honor the fashionista in your life with a high-fashion stiletto cake topper! Below, Bobbie Noto (LePastryDiva) of Bobbie’s Baking Blog describes how to create this Wicked Red Fondant Stiletto in three easy-to-follow videos.


1 white cake recipe, for the shoe box
2 wood skewers
Artist brushes
Craft knife
Decorative molds
Doll making foam, or pillow foam
Edible glue
Facial mask
Fondant, black, red, and ivory (or your choice)
Fondant rolling pin
Fondant smoother
High heel mould
Hot glue gun
Mini pizza wheel
Needle tool
Pasta machine, optional
Petal dust, black
Ribbon cutter
Sanding block
Shoe templates
Strathmore artist paper
Styrofoam or cake
Styrofoam drying rack
Styrofoam heat tool or sharp blade
Tissue blade
Tylose powder

Important Note:

When I give the directions for the ivory piece that lays upon the front of the heel, I give the measurements in millimeters. This measurement should be in centimeters.


Part 1: Heel

A Wicked Fondant Red High Heel Tutorial!
The templates can be found @ http://shop.bobbiesbakingblog.com/product-category/templates/


You will want to wait at least 24 hours before continuing. The stronger your heel is, the less likely it is to buckle under the weight of the rest of the shoe. Remember to paint your toe tap black or tan.


Part 2: Sole

A Wicked Fondant Red High Heel Tutorial!
The Templates can be [email protected] http://shop.bobbiesbakingblog.com/product-category/templates/


I find my shoes looks more realistic, and it is easier to work with if after applying the heel to the sole. Wait another 24 hours before finishing and constructing the shoe.


Part 3: Construction

A Fondant High Heel Tutorial
The templates can be found @ http://shop.bobbiesbakingblog.com/product-category/templates/


I place my fondant platform high heel on a white cake carved into a shoebox shape, 13×8×4. You will need four layers, 13×8 inches. The filling in my shoebox cake is a lemon curd. I used a panel method to cover the shoebox cake in fondant.

I hope this video tutorial inspires you to create some wonderful and fun platform high heels!

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