Dia de los Muertos Gingerbread Cookie Tutorial

If you kept up with Cake Central’s Dia de los Muertos Inspiration Challenge series, you probably saw this irresistible sugar skull-inspired gingerbread cookie, created by Andrea (cupookie) of the cupcake and cookie decorating blog, Cupookie. We couldn’t get enough of her adorable design and we wanted to learn more about her process.

Fresh from her blog, here’s a bit about Andrea’s inspiration and technique, including a template so you can create your own Dia de los Muertos gingerbread man! Enjoy, and Feliz Dia de los Muertos!



Jumbo Gingerbread Man Kit from Cost Plus World Market
Royal icing in desired colors

naked man

A few weeks ago I was out looking around at Cost Plus World Market. I saw this really cool jumbo gingerbread man. I figured it would be fun to decorate for Christmas. Well Christmas came and went and there sat my naked little gingerbread man waiting to get spruced up.

So I thought and thought and the ideas flooded my crazy lil brain with many ideas. I traced him out and then started doodling a cool idea with a Day of the Dead design. I personally have a love for skulls and bright colors. Day of the Dead designs pretty much resemble both that. Google Day of the Dead and you will see what I mean. It’s so festive and pretty.


After getting what I wanted down on paper, I went to piping and flooding.

Having the colors already picked out and on paper made it SO much easier and faster! Oh…and I cannot forget to mention his cool pimpin’ gold tooth. That was a royal icing transfer. I made extra and attempted to wear one but it quickly disintegrated in my mouth!

For more from Andrea, check out her blog, cupookie.blogspot.com.

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And - I'm about to keel over from the adorable and awesome job! :) I'll have to make these for my Skinz n Bonez sisters in New Orleans!


Oh my gosh, it was a GIANT cookie! I tried my hand at your design a few weeks ago on 5" cookies and could not believe how detailed they were. 11 colours?! Wowzers! That explains it! lol Amazing, amazing work, Andrea!