Halloween Marshmallow Pops Tutorial

Are you on the hunt for a simple and kid-friendly Halloween decorating project? Look no further! This tutorial by Sharon Zambito of SugarEd Productions will teach you how to make these adorable, chocolate-covered Halloween marshmallow pops, perfect for a holiday decorating party!

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2- or 3-inch circle cutter
Black fondant
Clay gun extruder with smallest disc and largest multi-hole disc
Craft knife
Good & Plenty candies
Green, oil-based candy color
Lollipop sticks (the thicker the better)
Mike and Ike candies
Premade candy googly eyes
Purple fondant
Silver luster dust and vodka (optional)
Small paintbrush
Wax paper
White chocolate
Yellow candy melts (I recommend Merkens brand)



Meet Broomelda and Franque. (He is French.)

Initial supplies used to make our cozy candy couple include yellow candy melts, green oil based candy color, marshmallows and sucker sticks. I highly recommend Merkens brand melts for optimum dipping performance. In this case I used the campfire roasting marshmallows. Have you seen those things? They are hugantic! They are as big as… as… as a giant marshmallow! I also suggest using the thicker sucker sticks, as these bad boys are heavy once they are done.

For Broomelda, we have to cut angles off each side of the gargantu-mallow. Run your knife under hot water, and dry it off before each cut. This will make the cutting of the freakishly large marshmallow much easier.

Stick and dip. Place on wax paper to dry fully.

Let’s do Franque first:

Cut out a circle of black fondant and cut out notches along the outer edge. Do not cut them evenly or symmetrically. Franque does not have the most couture coif I have ever seen. Just sayin’.

Lay the toupee over his head and just press down all around the sides. (Hint: use shortening as your glue. Trust me. You will thank me for this later.) Glue on his googly eyes with melted chocolate. Cut a white Good & Plenty in half and glue in place for his bolts. Give the rest of the box to hubby because he loves those nasty candies. Oh wait, that is my hubby. Ignore that. Next use a paintbrush to drop a dollop of the same green chocolate on his handsome face to make a nose.

Next we need to bring out the big guns. OK just one small gun. Anyway, get your clay gun out, and using the smallest size circle disc, extrude a string of black fondant. Use that to make eyebrows and mouth. Again, using shortening on his face as glue will save you many bad words. And if you just cannot help yourself (like me), use silver luster dust mixed with vodka to paint his bolts. An edible marker (not shown) can be used to make his scar.

You mad confectionery scientists will have created a marshmallow monster!

Now on to Broomelda:

As with all ladies, we need to spend some time on the hair. Use your clay gun with the largest muti-hole disc.

Extrude a length of purple fondant and apply to the side of her head.

Repeat process on each side until her head is covered.

Cut a few short pieces to make her bangs. The bob is very in this season in the witch world.

Now to make her face. Clay gun string again for the brows and mouth. Half of the green Mike and Ike candy for the nose. (Keep that box cuz we like those.) Another pair of google eyes.

Well hello my pretty!

To make the pointy part of her hat, start with a ball of black fondant.

Roll it into a cone shape initially, and then continue to elongate and shape it into a witch hat shape.

A circle of black fondant laid on her head, and then the cone part of the hat is attached to the top of that. A couple of purple clay gun strings will create a perfect hat band.

And they are done! Happy Halloween everybody!


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Hi! Thanks so much for sharing...it's a lovely idea!! I'm going to try and give it a twist and turn them into small aliens instead for my son's upcoming birthday party :)

However, I couldn't see any of the pictures in the tutorial except for the very first one right at the top. Just wondering if anyone else had the same problem as well?