How to Make Fondant Jack-O'-Lantern Toppers

It wouldn’t be Halloween without fondant jack-o’-lantern toppers adorning your holiday treats! Created by Brittany Rumohr of Edible Details, we found these delightful fondant toppers at the SugarEd Online Sugar Art School.

fondant pumpkin

Follow Brittany’s step-by-step instructions to create these cute pumpkin decorations yourself!


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Orange, black, white, green and brown fondant
Black food coloring
Small dish to mix edible paint in
Cotton swab
Petal dust (color of choice)
Double ball end tool
Veining or dresden tool
Container of water
Larger paint brush for painting on water for gluing
Fine tip paint brush for painting pumpkin mouth and eyes



Roll out 5oz of orange fondant into an egg shape. Use a veining tool to make lines down the pumpkin starting from the top and pulling the tool downward.


Cut out the desired mouth shape with a sharp knife. NOTE: This will look rough at first cut and when the excess fondant is pulled from the mouth.


Use a desired tool to press and smooth out the inside of the mouth.


Press 2 indentations (to create eye positioning) using your finger or a ball tool.


Use a ball tool to make 2 oval holes to inset the eyes. Use the sharp end of a veining or dresden tool to indent slight “bags” under the eyes.


Roll out a tear shape for the nose. Attach it with a dab of water.


Mold 2 white ovals and press them together. You can use a little water to adhere them together if desired.  Attach the eyes into the sockets with water.


Use a round piping tip to cut out 2 black fondant circles. Attach them to the eyes.


Cut out an orange circle using the round piping tip. Cut it in half and attach one half to the top of each eye to create an eyelid.


Roll out approximately 1gr of chocolate brown fondant into a long cone shape. Flatten the tip of the cone by pulling it across the worktop surface.


Make a hole in the top of the pumpkin.


Attach the stem to the pumpkin while still soft (as shown in this example), or let it dry before attaching to have it stand upright.


Roll out 2 thin strands of green fondant (aprox 2” in length) and curl around a wooden skewer.


Let them dry completely on the skewer, then carefully attach them to pumpkin.


You now have a cutie little pumpkin. If you desire, you can proceed to color the mouth black:


Combine black food coloring with a small amount of water to create an edible paint. Paint the inside of mouth (and the black pupils if shine is desired). Let that dry a few hours before touching the painted areas.


Use desired shade of red, pink or dusty orange petal dust – apply to cotton swab and shade the cheeks of the pumpkin. NOTE: Make sure the surface you dust with color is completely dry to prevent over coloring.


Final product! Perfect little cake or cupcake topper!


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