Starburst® Rose Tutorial

When we spotted these darling little blossoms, we knew we had to share! October means you’ll probably be stocking up on Halloween candy, so add some Starburst® candies into the mix so you can test out this Starburst® rose tutorial by Justine Taylor of the blog Birch and Lily.

All you need to get started are Starburst® candies and a batch of cupcakes ready to be decorated!

Starburst Rose12

Starburst Rose1

Starburst Rose2

1. It was super hot and humid on the evenings I made these so I was able to shape them by just pressing on them with my fingers.  However, if your candies are a bit harder, or your house is cooler, you may want to pop them in the microwave (only a few at a time) for 5-10 seconds to soften them up.  After you do that, you can unwrap them.

Starburst Rose3

Starburst Rose4


2. Squish the Starburst® flat so that they’re thin and delicate, but not too flimsy.



3. Tear off a little piece.

Starburst Rose5



4. Roll it with your fingers.

Starburst Rose6

5. Roll it until you get a neat little spiral.  This is the center for your rose.

Starburst Rose7

6. Then, tear off more little pieces. You may want to smooth the ripped edges a bit.  The pieces should be sort of oval-shaped.  But if they’re irregular they actually look best, and more like rose petals.

Starburst Rose8


7. Then wrap the petals, one by one, around the spiral centre.  Squish the bottom of each petal to the base of the flower.

Starburst Rose9

8. And just keep adding petals, overlapping them slightly, all around the flower until you’ve used up the whole Starburst® piece.

Starburst Rose10

Starburst Rose11

Starburst Rose12

I laid them out on wax paper keeping them from touching,  They can be a bit sticky when you’re working with them, and when they’re warm they can be a bit melty.  But after you let them sit for a minute they harden up and are smooth.  I stored mine in the freezer until I was ready to put them on the cupcakes.

Starburst Rose14

The top cupcake in the picture below was made from three Starburst® candies:

Starburst Rose13

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Lol! I had a bag of colored tootsie rolls that I was about to throw out last week, but I modeled figures out of them! Next time I'll make flowers. Thanks


Not sure why my comment is awaiting moderation 24 hours later. I was attaching a copy of my tootsie roll cake :/


my sister love them..she buy the bog bag at bj's for same price...i will steal some!!

i guess you can use molds as well....same clay consistency as fondant. Thanks for sharing..i will look for the tootsie rolls. i have to work in some elmo  cakepops...i can use the yellow ones for the nose...i get fondarific for the eye white's


OOOOOO great idea...also, don't know why I never thought of using tootsie rolls as modeling  clay, we made it in Culinary School....real duh