How to Make a Sequined Dress Cookie

Featured in Volume 4, Issue 9 of Cake Central Magazine, these cookies were a lovely addition to THE FASHION ISSUE. Inspired by a dress by designer Antonio Berardi, these stylish cookies were created by Jacinda Harper, CC user Alissweettooth. Check out this dress cookie tutorial to see how she created these runway showstoppers:



Airbrush or luster dust in white shimmer
Disposable cutting mats or foodsafe cardboard for a template
Edible glitter in clear or table sugar
Edible markers (optional)
Icing bags or bottles
Food coloring, Sky blue, royal blue and gray
#2 piping tip for outlining your cookie
2 medium piping tips for flooding, #2 or #3
Sugar cookie and royal icing recipe
Several prints of the gown in the size you want for your cookie
3 small piping tips for detail (I prefer a PME 1.5, but a Wilton #1 will also work)


1. Because I wanted an exact measurement of the dress, I chose to print my template the size I wanted the cookie to be. They ended up about 7.5 inches. I cut out the dress print and chose to make a cookie cutter by following the print with my aluminum strips. If you are making several of these, I would suggest making your own cutter or having one made for you. If you do not have access to aluminum strips, you can also make a template by placing your image on a disposable cutting board and outlining with an edible marker. They cut easily and can be washed and used again. Another option would be making your template from food safe cardboard. These must be disposed of after your first batch.




2. I roll my dough to about a 1/4 of an inch thickness. You want these to be a thicker cookie or they risk breaking due to their tall and narrow shape. Place your template on your cookie dough and cut with a sharp kitchen knife. Once they are on your baking sheet, lightly push the edges in with your fingers to give your cookie a smoother edge when baked.


3. While my cookies are baking, I start mixing my icing. I use bags, but bottles will work just as well. You will need an outline consistency (thicker flowing) icing in white, light gray, light and dark sky blue. For my thicker icing, I use a PME 1.5, but any small tip will do. Because I want the shades of blue to be in the same tones, I mix my sky blue first, remove enough to fill my bag, and add a few drops of royal blue to what’s remaining. For the deeper blue, you will need a small amount as it is an accent only and it should be a flood consistency. You will also need one bag or bottle of white flood icing with a #3 tip. These food colorings can be found at most cake or craft stores. Combining your sky blue and royal blue will keep your shade close to that of the dress.


4. Once my cookies have cooled, I outline in my thick white with a PME 1.5 or Wilton #2. There are a few ways you can do this. Because the dress is fabric, you want to give the illusion it is flowing. By flooding your cookie in sections, it gives it more depth. You can trace your printed image and use that as a guideline for your outline. Another option is to use an edible marker and draw your image on your cookie first. If you choose to do it this way, use a light color so it doesn’t seep through your white icing. I found it worked best to have my printed image next to my cookie to compare.


5. When flooding your sections, you will want to make sure they are not touching or it blends together. After flooding my separate sections, I allow it to set up, for about twenty minutes. Once a crust is formed, fill in the remaining sections being careful not to overfill. You also want to save the small section of the inner lining of the jacket to add your deep blue. After your cookies have been outlined and flooded, you will want to let them dry for about 12 hours. Another option is to use a table fan to speed up the drying time.


6. Now we come to the fun part! There are several ways you can do these steps as well. I chose to airbrush the gown with a white shimmer to give it a look like silk fabric. If you do not have an airbrush, a light dusting of luster dust with a soft paint brush will also work. This dries in minutes and we are ready to add our details. At this time I add the fabric details by outlining in my thicker, white icing. Because it has been flooded in sections, you will know where to pipe by following the pattern which gives your dress that flowing fabric look. The sequins on the gown form a beautiful pattern. Again, I keep my printed image next to my cookie so I will know which icing will best show off the pattern on the dress.


7. Because the gown is sequined, it would be difficult to add dots of icing small enough to look like an actual sequin. I chose to try and mirror the pattern using lines and small dots. Before your details are completely dry, you would want to add your edible glitter to really give off the shimmery look of the sequins. If you do not have edible glitter, a fine layer of table sugar will work as well. I find using a small paintbrush allows me to keep the glitter or sugar where I want it.


I hope I have inspired you to make your own fashionable gown cookies. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section. Thank you so much for allowing me to share!

Jacinda – Ali’s Sweet Tooth

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