Hamburger Cookies

Variations on these would be to add green-tinted shredded coconut for lettuce.
You could add a “slice of cheese” by flattening a yellow starburst candy (see my hamburger made out of cupcake and brownie video here:)

The sesame seed do not taste gross on these, you can barely tell that they are there. Have you every had sesame snap candy? They go well with sweet things.If you don’t want to use them, you could try white sprinkles.

Found these cookies in a number of places online including:

Gigi is ABQdoubleG. She has been a long time You Tube friend of mine and I have met her several times “in real life”. She is Girl Scout leader and was kind enough to send me two boxes of thin mints. I will be making something else with them, maybe a cheesecake!

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