Wafer Paper Rose Tutorial


Delicate wafer paper roses add a feminine touch to cakes. These flowers look like they were difficult to create, but they’re surprisingly simple to make if you follow this step-by-step tutorial. All you need is patience and practice!


  • Wafer paper
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Silpat or waxed paper
  • Circle punch
  • Brush
  • Scissors 


1. Punch or cut circles from wafer paper.


2. Gather your other materials.


3. Use a very small amount of water on the brush to dampen four circles. These will form the bottom four layers or petals. I made five flowers at once so twenty are shown.

See how they start to curl almost immediately? They will be very sticky so don’t try to move them until they dry. This usually only takes a few minutes unless you used too much water. Be thrifty.

When they turn white again, they are dry. Look how curly they get! Don’t touch yet.


4. Cut slits to the center for the next two layers.


5. Make cones from each of these two petals.


6. Form the cone before you dampen it.


7. Dampen around the cut and press together.


8. Moisten the cones slightly and set aside to dry.


9. The next two layers will also be cones but half the size. Cut two circles in half.


10. Hold the curved part up and bend about ⅓ of the petal over.


11. Fold the opposite side over to form a cone. Glue the overlapping area.


12. Pinch for a few seconds. Moisten cone slightly after placing on mat to dry fully.


13. Moisten the center of one of the dry four bottom petals. Add another layer on top. Press with your finger to make sure they stick together. This one is still way too wet to use.


14. Criss-cross the layers. Continue until you have stacked four layers.


15. Add the two layers of larger cones in the same manner. While pressing the centers together, you can also slightly flex the outer edges to curve the flower even more.


16. This is what they should look like before you add the two smaller cones and the center. Still not really impressive, but they’ll come together. I promise.


17. Form the center bud by folding one petal in not quite half. Gather slightly by pinching together. You can very slightly moisten the petal inside the fold for more flexibility.


18. Starting at the side, gently roll the taco shape into a tube. Dampen the edges as you go, but be extra careful with the water here. Too much will the flatten the tube as it dries.


19. Be sure to add a dab of water at the very end to secure the tube so that it won’t unravel.


20. Gently pinch the bottom of the tube together and set aside to dry slightly.


21. Trim bottom of center bud about halfway down. The bottom can still be damp for this, but the top or flared portion should be dry so that the tube won’t crush while you’re working with it.


22. You’re almost finished! You should have the four bottom layers and two larger cones ready, and two smaller cones along with the center bud. Again, I did five flowers here.


23. Dampen the end of the center bud and tuck in one small cone. Place this inside the other small cone using a small dab of water. Press into flower center and bend outer petals up slightly to form a more natural shape.


24. You did it! Attach to fondant by moistening both fondant and flower back with water. Press gently into place and hold for a few seconds until set.

Wafer Paper White Rose Wreath


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If you have an airbrush, it will work wonderfully for this. Just spray lightly and in several coats if needed. Wilton's spray colors also work well. I usually color the paper before I punch or cut but you can dry brush the edges using a tiny bit of alcohol or lemon extract as "water"for more depth. Hope this helps. Happy Caking!


I've used wafer paper for other projects, but this is amazing! I'm ordering some now to try this! Thanks for sharing!


Sure. You might want to suspend it on a rice noodle so that it won't come in contact with buttercream. Fondant contact doesn't harm it if you're topping your cupcakes with that. Happy Caking!


Wafer paper is edible but it is usually made from potato or rice starch. It's not offensive but not great tasting either. Imagine dry instant mashed potato flakes. I've added a hint of flavor using some of the fun whipped cream vodkas that are out now. Mini bottles work great for glue, painting, etc. Lemon extract also works well. Just be sure not to get the paper too wet. Happy Caking!


A lot of people intermix the terms wafer paper, potato paper, and rice paper.  most people refer to potato paper as rice paper.  It just depends on the starch that is in it.  We actually sell flavored wafer paper (potato) that is flavored, (it tastes like a ice cream cone, as well as five different colors and white.  We just got back from the Americas show in Orlando and we sold out of it so fast because it is so easy to use.  Not all wafer paper is the same!  There are different grades and thicknesses as well.  It was great at the show to watch how many of the competitions and fashion show contestants used our Premium Wafer Paper and loved it!


raidercat: You need to coat the back (or any part that would touch the whipped cream) with white chocolate to create a moisture proof barrier. Wafer paper shrivels up when exposed to moisture. Hope this helps!