How to Make Rainbow Cupcakes!

These might be a litle more time consuming than regular cupcakes, but the results are worth it!

Here is the link to where I got the idea from!

White Box Cake Mix + Ingredients for Cake Mix (Eggs, Oil, Water)
Gel Food Coloring
White Frosting (Optional)
Rainbow Sprinkles (Optional)

Things You Need:
6 Cups and Forks
Big Bowl
Cupcake Liners
Cupcake Pan

To all the people who are worried about the detrimental effects of food coloring: Food coloring is found in just about every packaged food product out there. It is almost unavoidable. Eating just a few of these cupcakes will not permanently damage your health. However, I would just like to let you know about the POSSIBLE bad side effects.

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Sorry but this is not a recipe I would ever make or serve anyone, the food industry wants to make money and is not concerned about ingredients that may cause cancer, we as consumers should not have the same attitude. Its up to us to watch what goes into the bodies that we love. The only way to go is chemical free and that also means making cakes from scratch.


Thanks for posting this recipe , I'll be making them soon. No, I'm not worried about the food coloring unless I plan on eating a million of them !