Save Time Carving A Spiral Cake


Somthing I realized when carving my first spiral was that I didn’t need an extra cake to make the road. The piece I carved out of my cake could be flipped and used to create that road effect. My cake had 4 different flavors so I wanted each layer to stay the same flavor without baking an extra cake to make my road (I’m pretty frugal and don’t like extra work if I can find a shortcut…no pun intended).

List of Materials

  • Toothpicks
  • Offset Spatula
  • Very Hot Water
  • Sharp Knife
  • Frozen Crumbcoated cake


I used a cake pan to get the curve on top I needed.


Using toothpicks outline the road down the side as to how far you want it. I used toothpicks just to outline my curve on top.


Using a sharp, hot knife cut out your road following the lines made with toothpicks.


After cuts are complete pull out the extra cake carefully to keep the piece in tact.


I used a hot spatula to smooth out my road.


Using the piece you cut out, flip it to the opposite end and sit against your cake.


Use the hot knife to cut off the top of the extra piece following the height of the road cut out on your cake.


Using your hot knife trim the extra cake to create your road and remove the excess.


Use a hot spatula to blend the road onto your carved cake.


Once all smoothed out this was my result.



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