Sand Castle Cake

This 3D Sand Castle cake is perfect for a princess party or anyone who longs for the beach. CakeCentral user cakerycreation walks you through each step to create this adorable 3D cake. Perfect for anyone who is new to sculpted cakes.


I just want to share how I constructed my sand castle cake.

List of Materials

Cardboard tubes


Ball tool

Rolling pin

Measuring tape

Cutter, small square or toothedl edge

Craft knife

Spice jar, or other small jar to invert turret


Small paint brush

Baking sheet

Vanilla wafers

Animal crackers


Square cake

Hot glue gun


Fondant smoother


Step 1: Cut paper towel cardboard tubes to desired length


Step 2:Cover tubes in gumpaste. Using a ball tool press into the gumpaste for the window


Step 3: Measure around your covered tube. Roll and cut out a piece of gumpaste specific to your measurements. This is going to be the top portion of you castle turret. Once you have your desired gumpaste piece you can use a cutter like this one above to cut out the top of your turret. If you don’t have a cutter like this one use a basic square cutter and cut out little spaced squares to make this pattern. Now attach your gumpaste piece to your tube with a little it of water.


Step 4: Once you’ve attached your piece flip it upside down letting the inside lip rest on some type of support. Mine just so happen to be the perfect size for a spice bottle.Let dry for about 1 hr.


Step 5: Now crush up a 1 to 1 ratio of animal crackers and vanilla wafers. Dump the crushed cookies into a pan. Moisten your turret lightly with water and roll it in the crushed cookies. Once coated set aside to dry and start working on your next turret. By the time you are finished with your 4th turret the 1st one should be dry and start this process again. Do this step 3 times. coating 3 times ensures a nice even coat of cookies. Side note: After the 1st round they will look a little lumpy in some spots this is okay because by the 3rd time everything evens out. Pic to the right is what they will look like by your 3rd coat.


Step 6: Butter cream your square cake and cut a small piece of each corner off. This allows the turrets to snugly rest against the cake. Since the turrets are not going to be eaten I just hot glued them down to the cake board.


Step 7: Now that your turrets are in place. Measure the top lip of you butter cream cake. Cut out a strip of fondant to that measurement. Using the same technique from step 3 cut out the square pattern on the top of the fondant strip. Attach this strip to the top of your cake with a little bit of water. Do this all the way around your cake.

Step 8: For the door all I did was use 2 square cutters. Cut out a large square piece of fondant then take a slightly smaller square cutter and cut out the center of the larger square. Attach the square with a little bit of water.

Step 9: To add the crushed cookies to the cake all I did was moisten the fondant pieces and start lightly pressing the cookie into the cake. To help this along I would press the cookies into the cake with a fondant smoother.

You might have to pipe extra butter cream into the turret corners to fill in any gaps and then add the cookies.

I added white chocolate shells to this cake. I used a shell chocolate mold and filled it with white chocolate put in the icebox for a few minute to harden then added them to the cake.

There you go!

Liz @ Cakery Creation


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I do love the techniques, hints and tips - but one thing that always confuses me, especially with American TV and websites - in the UK we would not be allowed under health and safety laws to use anything non edible in a food product (especially for public consumption). OK, would probably get away with it for close family etc... but not otherwise.

I think the castle is wonderful - but I will have to try and think of some alternative way to make the turrets. Lovely cake, really lends itself to much imagination


This is absolutely stunning, what a fabulous idea! Must definitely try this out as it gives the whole idea of being a beach theme ...:)


I used to make castles when I lived in England. I mad the turrets with sponge cake baked in clean empty bean/pea or any round tin. You can layer one on top the other to get the height you may need.


If you use the cake in the towers, how do you keep them from falling away from the cake in travel?? Thankyou, great tutorial! Grammy1963


I live in the UK and I've just bought a castle cake silicone mould from Aldi I think it was about £4. So it will solve the turret problem. It looks like one of those kids sandcastle buckets. I'm going to try it using the sand effect above what a great idea.


Great tutorial and my little beachcombing grandson is 4 in 3 weeks. I think I'll use swiss rolls for the turrets with dowels to keep them upright. Thankyou for this


Great tutorial! I did a huge sand castle cake a few years ago for my cousins beach-themed wedding. The turrets were made of cake and I used 4 dowels that were secured to the wooden board to keep them standing. It was an enormous cake and traveled a few hours without issue! You could also use cereal treats for the turrets if you needed something edible. 


I build things out of rice krispie treats. I would do that for this cake, then secure them with dowels into the board, or horizontally into the cake. Beautiful cake! Great idea!