how I made my candy/chocolate tacos


I gathered some ideas from the internet and this is what I did.

List of Materials

  • candy melts, coconut, brownies, starburst candy, gummy candies, icing


trace a 6” to 8” circle on a piece of paper and then put a piece of wax paper on top.
Spread some black color sugar on wax paper.


Melt yellow chocolate at 50 % in microwave and fill the circle on your wax paper.


let the chocolate get a little hard, until the shinny of the chocolate is turning dull.


In the meantime, crumble your baked and cooled down brownies on the “tortilla shells”


It should look like this, a little above the top half of the tortilla to leave some space to fold the tortilla in two.


When the chocolate gets dull, fold the tortilla in two and place it on a taco rack to cool, I put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes.


Use some chocolate icing on the brownies to “stick” the ” lettuce”(coconut) to the ”meat”(brownies)


Tint some shredded coconut green in a plastic bag to make the lettuce.


Add the ” lettuce” to the ” meat”


Flatten orange starburst candies with rolling pin and cut up in slices with scissors to make the shredded cheese.


Add the “shredded cheese” on top of the ” lettuce”.


Add the cut in pieces red gummy candy to make the “tomatoes”.

Make a small portion of cream cheese icing to imitate the “sour cream”
I added white/white food color to make it even whiter and some pipping gel to give it a shine.

Make a small portion of cream cheese icing to imitate the “sour cream”
I added white/white food color to make it even whiter and some pipping gel to give it a shine.


Add some dollops of “sour cream” on top of the tacos.


There you have your candy/chocolate tacos! I don’t think I forgot to mention anything, but if I did, just feel free to ask me. Thank you!!


Comments (15)


These are so cute on the cake. I've always thought the candy tacos were cute, but never knew what the heck you'd use them for. Your cake is awesome!


A picture i worth a thousand words- Thank you so much for posting this tutorial!! Not only is it well done, well explained, it is very generous of you to share it! I can't wait to have the opportunity to use it!!!


Thank you for you comments and you re welcome all. My niece was there taking the pictures, because i would probably never think about doing this, but since she took pictures of all the steps, i though it was a nice thing to do to post the tutorial.


sorry for the background mess, this was not intent to do a tutorial I decided to post as tutorial just when i found out my niece had taken all steps in pictures and wanted to share.


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