Horse Tutorial


How to Make a Horse Head Cake

List of Materials

  • Your favorite cake recipe, fondant, buttercream, piping gel, white icing color,stitching tool, extractor

I drew out the shape of the head on paper for the template. Then iced it in buttercream.

Cut shaped out of cake to create depth.

Iced the added pieces.

Adding pieces of fondant for definition.

Cover with fondant.

Roll fondant for the eyes and paint them with piping gel. Add a spot of white icing color to the center of the eye.

Paint stripe down the front of the nose with white icing color. Roll strips of fondant for the bridle and add “stitching”.


Make the ring and buckle out of fondant or gumpaste. Finish bridle.


Horse hair is made with an extractor. I mixed white white fondant in with the black to make it a shade lighter than the horse.I also added a little tylose for the ears then cut a triangle, turned in the ends and put a spaghetti noodle up through to help it stand up.


Name and age added to complete the cake. Horse and bridle colors were chosen by the birthday girl :)

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