How to Make a 3D Wedding Dress Cake

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a wedding dress cake. This project is perfect for engagement cakes, bridal shower cakes, Quinceañera dress cake.

1. We are going to make an all edible wedding dress cake. Of course you can use this also for making an evening gown.

2. Bake two cakes. I have used 1 half bowl 12cms and 1 small kids cake pan also 12cms. The more people, the bigger your cake pans, the bigger your cakes.

3. Fill your cakes like you are used to with creme and jam or what you like. Stack them and put a dowel through both of the cakes for prevending it to tumble when you are going to smooth the cake with buttercream.

4. Smooth your cake all around like normal cakes and put it away in the fridge for a little while.

5. Meanwhile we are going to make the torso. Take a piece of brown colored fondant. Make two small balls by rolling it smooth in your hands.

6. Also roll the big piece in your hands until you see no more wrinkles/lines. This is going to be the torso. Start making a waist by rolling one side smaller between your hands.

7. You can use your fingers or tools making small dents into your fondant to start making a neck and two arm beginnings.

8. Mold it more and more, slowly into more neck and more arm. When the waist gets bigger just roll it between your hands again. make sure the waist is a little thinner then you want because it gets bigger when you cover it with fondant later when putting on the dress/top and maybe a bow.

9. Flatten the neck, arms and waist ends by putting it on a flat surface and slowly turn it a little.

10. Now we attach the breasts to the torso. Yes i know it doesnt look that good, but we are going to cover it up with the dress anyway and feel free to make a torso in one piece if you can, but unfortunately i cant :-)

11. You can attach the breast by pressing your knifetool to the sides and make it stick to the troso. And then smooth it up a little to make it look natural.

12. Roll out a big round piece of fondant like you normaly do for a cake and just put it over your cake right in the middle and push your dowel through your fondant.

13. It now looks like this.

14. I want to make a dress with pleats so i am going to make more pleats by carefully lifting up a piece of dress and fold it a little and then all the way around.

15. Trim the skirt all around with your wheeltool to give the skirt the size and wide you want. Now it looks like this from above.

16. Press your torso onto your dowel untill it touches your skirt/cake and it looks just right.

17. Roll out a small piece of fondant. With this we will create the top of the dress. With a little water or glue apply it to your torso covering the breasts. Before attaching just try it on your torso a few times and trim away what you dont need untill you have created your own top.

18. I used my wheeltool and just cut it right on the torso. Just carefully not making to deep cuts.

19. Now comes the fun part! Your cake already looks like this and you can start decorating the dress how you want to!

20. I am going to make all little balls/pearls by just going round the dress all the way with royal icing. I am also going to use my royal icing for all other designs on the dress, but you can of course make your dress just the way you want to with bows or extra fondant layers of even paint a pattern on it or stencil or just anything you like!

21. When you use royal icing and you dont want your drops to have this small point on it. Just use a brush with a little water and touch gently the top of your pearl and push the point down

22. You can decorate the top and waist and when you like give it even a necklace.

23. I had already let my bow dry for a day and dusted it with pearl dust. I now glued this to the back of the dress.

Now your dress/cake is done!

  • If you are making it for a friend for for example a bridal shower you can make it look like her real wedding dress!
  • You can make as much details as you want.
  • If you need to serve this for a lot of people you can also place the whole dress/cake at a seperate cake aswell. Make sure you use dowels to support your top cake and prevent it from crashing into the bottom cake.
  • If you want you can use a bigger half bowl cake f.e. 20cms for creating a bigger dress.

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Thank you all :)

ALR1955: I have no idea what to charge as i just made it to try it out. I think you need to look for yourself how much time and material it takes and for how many persons it is.


Evoir: I have only used one dowel in the center for this one as it was just a small cake for about 6 persons. If you are going to put the dresscake onto another bigger cake i would use a board in between and dowels aswell for prevending it to collaps into your bottom cake. Good luck!


ImmaUga: You can put this on a cake, but because of the weight i would recommend you to support it!

Thank you all for your comments, so sweet :-))



The half bowl i have used is a normal half bowl from Stainless steel. Evrything that is SS you can use in the oven for baking! Also everything that is from glass which you can use in the oven you can use for making cakes!

The weight of the skirt is not a problem when you use fondant because the bottom will take the weight on your cakeboard and it hardens out. My skirt is only attached above.

I have used a lemmon dessert mousse as a filling. Cheers


I don't see it either. Your pics have vanished. I can see the first one, but not the rest. The first one looks great and the instructions are still there. Thank you for sharing.