Baby Shower - How to Make a Baby Rump Cake

This came about from a cake I made of a baby and my husband liked the baby butt and baby feet so much he thought I needed to post a picture of just that so I did and it was a hit, then I told a customer about it and they loved it so I made a whole cake that highlighted those ever so loved baby feet. Since then it has a been a huge hit and my top selling cake.

I have had so many ask for directions I thought it might me helpful to post them with some pics to help out.
Thanks for all your interest everyone. Hope you find this helpful.

items you will need:

  • Cake made from a bowl, any size you need
  • rice krispie treats(store bought are easiest to work with)
  • icing
  • fondant(in skin tone, color for diaper and color for blanket)
  • fondant tools for creasing feet. and any design you would like for your blanket.


  1. Make your feet first so they can set up while you make the rest of the cake.
    Start with one Rice krispie treat per foot, of course depending on the size of your cake you may need to adjust.
    Shape each in to a kidney shape but leave the bottom a bit bigger so it looks like the base for a foot.
  2. Cover your RKT (Rice Krispy Treat) in a thick layer of fondant. 2 reasons for this. One is to make them nice and smooth so you do not see the RKT through the other is to help you mold the creases in. Once it is all covered smooth it and make the little creases with your tool on the inside of the foot to make it look more realrump2
  3. Make little graduated balls for toes and place them together and then squish them a bit to look more like a toe then just a ball. then attach them to the bottom of your foot base(watch that you place them the right direction ;-) )


  4. Set aside and let them set up while you construct the cake. I like to prop them up so the toes set up at the right angle for the cake.


  5. Take your bowl shaped cake and fill and ice as desired.
  6. I like to then carve down the bottom side to curve in and then take that scrap to make your legs. Shift those forward and angle in to look like little legs. Then Ice those.
  7. Take your skin tone fondant and cover the legs first, that way it looks like it is skin going into the diaper.
  8. cover the bum with a diaper, you can add ruffles to the edges around the legs to look like pleating of a diaper.
  9. I just make a blanket aside and lay it on as I choose. then add any accessories. IE. rattles bears dollies, etc.
  10. lastly add those adorable little feet. you can really nibble on these ones though ;-)


There are a few variations of this cake to view to see how you can adapt to any theme. The latest was the lady bug I did in Anne Geddes style for a ladybug themed shower.

boy baby rump

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Wow i missed all these posts thanks for all the wonderful comments. As for the backside it is just the blanket draped. Hope that helps i have not pics of it. Susan


Thanks for the instructions, but I can't see the step by step images. When I click, it says "File Not Found". I'd love to make sure I'm following the steps correctly.


Premade rice kispie treats.....genius!! I don't know why I didn't think of that, and I was dreading making some for my next cake!! Someone requested the baby butt and feet so I was just doing a little research!! :)