How To Make an Image Icing Plaque


You will need the following things:

- Edible Image Printer
- Piping Gel
- Gumpaste
- Fondant
- Lollipop sticks or Popsicle sticks

TIP: Lisa has put together a 3-Part “How To” Primer on Printing edible images 1Choose your image and resize it properly on your computer 2Print out your image using your edible image printer 3Cut out your image [Image after being cut out] out a mixture of 50% Gumpast / 50% Fondant (MMF is not recommended) Remove Backing from image Lightly brush a thin layer of piping gel on the back of the image. Lay image (piping gel side down) onto your rolled out 50/50 gumpaste/fondant Using a knife, cut out the image Carefully lift out Smooth the edges Allow to dry completely
(when its ready it should stand up on its own, with no softness or danger of bending) Once completely dried, turn your image over onto a cooling rack Using a small amount of royal icing, apply it to a craft popsicle stick Gently pressthe popsicle stick into the image

Make sure you apply the stick the the bottom of your image! Otherwise it will go into your cake upside down

Allow the royal icing to dry completely.

Then stick the image on top of your cake

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Thanks so much for this tutorial, I have had the edible printer for about 3yrs and was begin to get bored with just the printing photo but with this new idea am sure going to rock my edible printer.