How To Make A Royal Icing Tiara


In making this tutorial to teach you all how to put together tiaras, I learned a few things in the process, as well!

#1. When making a tiara with a lot of dots such as this one, always start off using only lines on at least the first layer for structure. Using just dots on the first layer will cause your tiara to break break when unmolding, as you can see in the picture. Use the small dots on the last layer of royal icing or chocolate.If your tiara has many open spaces as this one does, make sure that your royal icing or chocolate is strong, and do as few layers as you can. Try to limit it to three. When the layering is too visible, the tiara is not as pretty.Tip: These royal icing tiara’s look great on top of a pillow cake. It will make your princess cake or queen cake just perfect! Supplies:

  • Stiff consistency royal icing or chocolate
  • Wax or parchment paper
  • Tape
  • Luster dust, pearl dust or sparkle dust
  • Empty coffee can, shortening can or round container
  • Water
  • Paint brush
  • Tiara template
  • Towel
  • Piping tips #2 and #3

Step 1 How To Make A Royal Icing TiaraGather the stiff royal icing, tips #2 and #3, small cup of water and paintbrush, wax paper, a lipless container (to ensure ease of removal once the beautiful tiara is finished), your pattern, a towel to rest your container on if it is easier to pipe with it laying down to start and tape. Step 2 How To Make A Royal Icing TiaraWrap your pattern around the appropriate sized container. I personally like Tupperware containers because of the varying sizes and smooth bases.Tape the pattern in place. This ensures it doesn’t slip later. Step 3 How To Make A Royal Icing TiaraTape the wax paper over the pattern. I like to fold my wax paper in half. It gives it a bit more stability, and I know it will not crumple on me when I set the container upright. Tape the wax paper onto the container so it wont slip. Step 4 How To Make A Royal Icing TiaraStart to pipe over your pattern making sure your lines touching each other to make it more sturdy. I usually start mine with it laying on a towel until I can not turn it anymore. I am usually shakiest in the beginning, until I get the groove going. Then I prop it up on my turntable and whatever other thing I can use to make it the comfortable height for me to pipe If you find you are making peaks with your icing, you can gently tamp them down with a damp paintbrush or with just a little bit of cornstarch on your finger. Step 5 How To Make A Royal Icing TiaraOnce you have piped your first layer over your pattern, allow it to dry at least 2 hours. Step 6 How To Make A Royal Icing TiaraPipe over the tiara again. Allow it to dry and repeat. You want at least 3 layers to give it some strength for when you take it off of its container. I usually allow my completed tiaras to dry at least a full 24-36 hours. If I have more time, I give it more. Better safe than sorry, right? Step 7 How To Make A Royal Icing TiaraWhen it’s completely dry, carefully remove the tape from the container and the wax paper. Slide the tiara off carefully. Peel back the wax paper, and ta dah! You have a tiara. At this point, if you want, you may paint it with luster dust, pearl dust and sparkle dust.


If your tiara should break the first time you try this technique, don’t worry! Repairing your tiara only takes a few minutes.

Set the broken pieces back into place, and trace more royal icing in the broken cracks. Then wait for it to dry. Depending on the breakage, sometimes it’s faster to simply start over.

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BRAVO!!!! I have seen other tutorials and this one is very do-able...I love that it is with icing instead of fondant so much easier and very pretty....thank you for sharing this tutorial.


Great tutorial, I can't wait to try it. Ready to go "royal icing wild"!!! Now that I have the small batch royal icing recipe, I am going to practice making these too!