How To Make a Purse Cake

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a cake shaped like a purse

Items required:

Step 1 Bake a sheet cake 11×15 and cut into 1/3 Step 2 Stack your pieces on top of one another..

Here I have the wooden dowels showing, so you will know where
to place them at..

But you will push them down through
the cake, so that they dont show.

Side View of the Purse Cake
Step 3 Here I have crumb coated the cake in Crusting Buttercream,
then shaved a little off the sides to form a purse shape.
Step 4 I made some Fondant Accents for the Purse.

Using the ruler, I measured all areas needed to cover in fondant.. Let these dry for a few hours..

Use the fondant cutter & embosser to make the stitch effect.
I used silver dragees for the metal accents.

Step 5 Ice the entire cake in Crusting Buttercream and awaits
it’s final touches.
Step 6 Apply the fondant accents to the cake.

TIP: You can use a tiny bit of alcohol (clear Vodka, Everclear etc) brushed on the back of the accents to make them adhere to your buttercream

Step 7I went with the Dooney & Bourke look

I used tinted buttercream and piped on the letters

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