How to Make a Contemporary Basketweave (Martha's New Basketweave)

This is a method of creating a unique effect in buttercream icing.

Alrighty boys and girls! I gave it a try. Now remember, this was my first try, so ya’ll be nice!!

I actually iced the cake yesterday and didn’t get to it until today. So, the icing had crusted over real well and was not chilled. DH didn’t know I was gonna practice on it, so there’s a piece missing, just less space to work with. It wasn’t as tall as I would have liked, but I think it was enough.

Items Needed:

  • Sharp knife (make sure the knife is not serrated)
  • Cup of Hot water (to dip knife in)
  • A cake iced in crusted buttercream (click here for recipe)

1. You need a cake with a generous layer of icing, smoothed.

Dip the knife in hot water, and wipe dry.

Holding the paring knife horizontally, press the flat of the knife, from the tip to a short distance up the blade, into the buttercream.

Remove the knife in a sweeping motion to create a triangle. The “sweeping” motion is important. If you try to just make an impression in the buttercream, the knife will pull the icing away from the cake.

2. Continue the pattern, creating a column that travels straight down the side of the cake.

To keep the column exactly vertical, use extra care and brace your elbow on the countertop.

3. Repeat the process, column by column, around the entire cake.

4. Add borders and any other decorations that you desire.

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