Michele Foster's Delicious Fondant

By Renaejrk

I am so happy to share this recipe! It has been such a blessing to me! It is yummy, and you can use vanilla or any other flavor you want! I...

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Oreo Filling

By alittlesliceofhaven

I was looking everywhere for an Oreo filling and only found one which would need to be refridgerated since it had heavy whipping cream. The...

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Toba Garrett's fondant

By lilscakes

I absolutely love this recipe!!!! It’s so easy and yummy tasting….work it like you would bread dough when you are kneading in...

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Heavenly Pumpkin Spice Cake

By aztomcat

Was looking for a moist cake that was stackable for a wedding tiered cake. Every recipe I found was for a bundt cake or bars. So this is...

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Strawberries n' Cream Mousse

By cakeheart

Okay this is something I made up because I could never find a decent strawberry mousse filling….and I hate using preserves! I always...

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Creamy & Firm Strawberry Cream Cheese Filling Perfected

By Ladyfish74

I submitted my original recipe last year but several people had trouble with it. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that...

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Chocolate Kahlua filling

By MommyEdzards

I made this fo a wedding consultation tasting between chocolate cake. This was their favorite. Very yummy! Chocolate Kahlua filling...

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Marshmallow Creme Buttercream

By Anonymous

Delicate and fluffy, this marshmallow creme buttercream is simple, but delicious. Pair it with chocolate cake and top with graham wafer...

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Super Yummy Chocolate Chip Cake

By mrsxmiaxwallce

I work at a trucking company and I make this cake for our drivers. It’s so yummy and moist it doesn’t need any icing, so I cut...


Raspberry cake with a warm sauce

By kiana6063

This is a family favorite- its so yummy- its yellow cake with frozen raspberries baked into it with a yummy sauce- serve it warm- it tastes...


Yummy Carmel Butterscotch Cake

By JaimeMarie

This is something I thrown together 8 years ago. My husband wanted something different for a birthday cake and I knew he loved Butterscotch...


AMAZING Italian Cream Cake

By Cakepro

I have tried many doctored box mix and scratch recipes for Italian Cream Cake, and finally came up with one that always gets rave reviews....


Rachel's Fondant (dellboi2u)

By dellboi2u

I have had a lot of requests for my fondant recipe so thought I would post it… super easy…. super yummy! Rachel’s...


Pineapple Yummy Cake

By kaymac

the name fits this cake…it is yummy and you will say it after the first bite…very moist and flavorful Pineapple Yummy Cake...


Yummy carrot cake from a cake mix

By foxymomma521

delicious and easy to make Yummy carrot cake from a cake mix Ingredients 1 pkg yellow cake mix (18.25 oz) 1 pkg vanilla pudding mix (3.4 oz...


Dark Chocolate Mudcake

By boonenati

Original recipe came from “Women’s Weekly Chocolate Cakes” mini book. But i’ve modified it so much that it no...


Easy "Yummy" Buttercream

By PamperedPumpkin

Sooooo….. I have been utterly dis satisfied by some butter creams, and the disgusting artificial waxy flavor. Not really a fan of &...


Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercream

By StaceyC3

This is the most delicious chocolate buttercream I’ve ever tried! It combines chocolate and Nutella, two of my favorite flavors. It&...


Yummy Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

By kimmypooh79

This makes a one layer 9x13x2 cake but I suppose you could use a different pan if you like. Also, it calls for butter to coat the bottom...


Moist and Yummy Yellow Cupcakes Recipe

By josefina20

Make 24 cupcakes in a regular size muffin cups. super yummy and moist. I frosted with Italian buttercream with a little lemon zest and it...


Swiss Truffle Cake

By tara1970

My Grma used ot make this all the time it is rich and oh soo yummy!Great for special occasions! Swiss Truffle Cake Ingredients Galactic: 2...


Peanut Butter Marble Cake

By fluttercakes

Why choose between peanut butter cake or chocolate, when you can have them both, swirled together! Marble cake takes a break from tradition...


Yummy Butter Cream

By myholidayboyz

This is the Butter Cream recipe that my cake instructor gave us. Each batch makes 10 cups of frosting. Yummy Butter Cream Ingredients 1 lb...


Tasty and Moist Butter Vanilla Pound Cake

By Lita829

I got this yummy pound cake recipe when I got my very first KitchenAid. I changed a couple of things to make it my own. It’s a good...


Crusting Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

By momtofourmonkeys

I developed this chocolate recipe as a result of needing a crusting chocolate that could withstand the Texas heat. After I started a thread...


Strawberry Fluff Filling

By Anonymous

Used this in my first wedding cake and it was a HUGE hit! Great with yellow or white cake, I suppose it could also be used as a topping or...