A Better White Scratch Cake

By edencakes

This recipe has been slowly modified by me until I reached something I was quite happy with. Perfect for wedding cakes, birthday cakes and...

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Cake Mix extender

By lilscakes

I’ve used this for any cake flavour. The result is a terrific , moist and dense cake that is easy to frost and decorate. Tastes like...

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Vanilla Butter Cake from The Mermaid Bakery

By moxey2000

This is a scratch cake recipe that makes a cake comparable to the texture and taste of a box mix….only better. It makes a tender...

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Summer's Scratch Strawberry Cake

By anricat

I wanted to bake a strawberry cake that didn’t use a box of mix or strawberry Jell-O. This is based on the scratch WASC that was...


Strawberry Cake from Scratch

By Anonymous

It is hard to find scratch strawberry cakes, so this one is worth it weight in gold to me as a caterer. I made this cake for a child’...


Scratch Vanilla Bavarian Cream

By Chef_Stef

This is a really nice scratch Bavarian cream that I use for wedding cakes. Half a batch makes enough to fill an 8″ round cake torted...


Red Velvet Re-Mix

By BeanCountingBaker

The scratch bakers are going to cringe, but I tried a number of Red Velvet variations and never liked the results. This baked beautifully...

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Classic Yellow Cake

By crazyladybaker

After trying several recipes this week for a good/moist yellow cake this one wins hands down. I was luckily enough to stumble upon it...

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Raspberry mousse (from scratch)

By LaSombra

This is from scratch and not as difficult as you might think. You can substitute most any fruit for raspberries. I made strawberry mousse...


Darlita's Supermoist Scratch Vanilla Cake

By Lita829

This recipe was originally in an old Betty Crocker Cookbook, that belonged to my mom, from 1958. I changed some of the ingredient...


I Can't Believe it's Not Box Cake Mix! Scratch Cupcakes

By denise2434

Holy Cow!! These are the best scratch cupcakes! I’m not a big scratch cake/cupcake baker…they always come out to heavy and...


Dark Chocolate Cake

By chocomama

This is the BEST scratch cake I have ever made! I received lots of compliments on it the first time I made it and plan to use it again and...

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AMAZING Italian Cream Cake

By Cakepro

I have tried many doctored box mix and scratch recipes for Italian Cream Cake, and finally came up with one that always gets rave reviews....


Simple Moist White Cake (Scratch WASC)

By PreTeaGirls

I have been searching for a moist white cake for a while now. I like the WASC but I wanted a scratch recipe. I have finally found it. I...


Strawberry Cake - from a mix, but with no fake strawberry flavor

By tuffstuff

While in search of a good strawberry cake recipe, I made one from CC called “Strawberry Cake from Scratch” first. While it...


Great German Chocolate Cake and Icing

By mommakeef

A spectacular German Chocolate cake made from scratch, using cake flour Great German Chocolate Cake and Icing Ingredients 1/2 cup water 4 (...


Scratch WASC

By Angfastic

This is a scratch recipe to which I added sour cream to create my WASC. I tried the recipe once before without sour cream and it was dry so...


Baking Savvy's Homemade Fondant (From Scratch)

By ChrystysCreations

Oh My God! This has to be absolutely the best homemade fondant I have ever tasted. It takes on flavor very well, as well as color. The...


German Chocolate Scratch Cake w/Icing

By cbrosado

This was my grandmother’s recipe. It is a super moist scratch cake that is not too dense. It has a very nice texture and has always...


Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

By Caralinc

This chocolate cake is light and fluffy – great for cupcakes and birthday cakes. This is also a scratch cake with a scratch pudding...


White Cake

By SheliaRenee

If you’re looking for a basic, great tasting white cake recipe this is it! I’ve been searching for months on a basic white cake...


WASC Scratch Cake

By ChristaBaker

After seeing how highly rated the White Almond Sour Cream cake was, I wanted to try it. But I was dissappointed to see that the recipes...


Easy Red Velvet

By pinkbox

I had tried several Red Velvet cakes…scratch and cake mix and this is one that I have settled on that has the best results and the...


Scratch Moist Strawberry Cake

By majormichel

As this cake is made with Powered Sugar, the texture is very light. The strawberry flavor is very noticeable. Enjoy! Scratch Moist...


Cake Mixes from Scratch and Variations

By Anonymous

Do you love the springy texture and moist crumb of cakes baked from mixes? Wish you could consistently make cakes that turned out that good...


Easy Basic Yellow Layers from Scratch

By s0ngbird

This is a recipe from our church recipe book from 10 years ago by a lady that passed away several years ago. This recipe is really easy and...