Petit Four Glaze

By Suzycakes

I found this recipe on the Martha Stewart website a few years ago and have loved it – as do my customers. I have tweaked this recipe...


Cake Balls

By Luby

I apologize if this recipe is somewhere on this site, but I looked and didn’t see it. I did find a lot of discussions about cake...


Chocolate Clay (Modeling Chocolate)

By Anonymous

This super easy & delicious “clay” is perfect for making chocolate bows or roses. Chocolate Clay (Modeling Chocolate)...

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oreo balls

By cbtyboopa

This is a friends reciepe from work, He made them for the office and I fell in love with them and wanted to share. Ingredients 1pkg Oreos 1...


Peppermint Bark

By caseyhayes

This is always requested at Christmas time.  Ingredients Regular size candy canes (I’ve tried all the other) Vanilla Almond Bark...


Cherry prailines and cream cake truffles

By Curtsmin24

I saw a recipe for cake balls and started playing around with flavors. This one was a big hit!!!!!!! Cherry prailines and cream cake...


Chocolate Leather

By Sugarflowers

This was developed because I couldn’t get modeling chocolate to work. I was very new to decorating and had no clue about anything....


Perfect White Chocolate Ganache Frosting Perfected

By Ladyfish74

After much trial and error and following other recipes with little success, I finally figured out a recipe for white chocolate ganache&...