Beer Mug Cake

Client (Co-worker) wanted a "Beer Can Cake" for her dad. She knew I was a cake decorator, but never seen what kind of cakes I create. I told her I was going to make a Beer Can Cake for her, but it might be a little different than what she was expecting. She said what I as a cake decorator love to hear ... "go ahead, make me whatever kind of cake you'd like."

Her and her husband loved it, and were speechless! Her father was overjoyed with his cake! She said the cake does not look real and that it is not like anything she ever imagined when she said she wanted a Beer Can Cake. (There is a man laying "under" the beer with his mouth open drinking it, and a man used a ladder to climb up the mug to "get in" the beer.

(I love, love, love to see/hear people's reaction when they see their cakes for the first time. We did it again Grandma! Thank you dear God for guiding my hand.)

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