Frozen 2 Cake

Bottom tier is the Enchanted Forest: a lemon-blackberry cake with vanilla ombré buttercream and whites chocolate and pretzel trees with white chocolate covered Bugle crackers and sugar dusted blackberries for shrubbery. I had intended to do fondant birch trees and fondant snowflakes but ran out of time and this was a super quick save.

Middle layer is the raging sea: a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream in ocean colored swirls and sprinkles. More frosting would have permitted greater details in the waves but you know when you’ve hit the point of I’m not making one more %^* batch of frosting? This was that point.

Top tier is Atohallan Glacier: yellow cake with chocolate frosting as crumb coat and mirror glaze poured over the frozen cake. Shards of sprinkled marbled white chocolate and multi-colored shattered hard candy.

I thought I would save time by not doing the figures in fondant. I was wrong.


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