Italian Cream Cake

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Italian cream cake with cream cheese frosting, roasted pecans, and toasted coconut.

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This looks scrumptious!

And I am with Sandra.....I have never made a Cream cake.  My trouble is that being a 1-person household, and not having the occasions to bring cakes along, it's very difficult to muster up the energy and/or funds to experiment with different recipes.  I can only eat so much cake...or any dessert for that matter.  (and that's even taking in to consideration the fact that I can live on Only dessert for several days at a time)

Well done, CakeDude!


Thank you everyone. :)

lvdenver, I'm new to all this and really enjoy experimenting and creating my own versions of recipes. I love sweets, but severely limit my intake to stay in shape. I give away nearly every cake that I make and just share a small piece with the recipient.  It's an incredibly expensive hobby...