Under The Sea

Under the sea Cakepops and chocolate covered strawberries

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Love your cakepops! Do you make your in advance? Would you care to share your steps? I have a dozen due this coming Sunday and any tips would be appreciated!!


Thank you so much :) 

Yes i do make my cakepops in advance. Since you have an order due Sunday this what I would do :

Today: make the cakepops and let it sit overnight in the fridge

Tomorrow: dip the sticks in chocolate and let it sit, then coat the cakepop with chocolate and decorate

Friday: package the cakepops and send them out for delivery


You can start the process tomorrow. Whichever is easier for you :)

Hope this helps


Thanks so much @Cakepoppers for your reply!!!! I wish I would have seen this days ago! lol. 

I didn't see your reply til just now, but this is what I did:

I rolled out my pops and let them sit at room temp, then dipped sticks in choc and stuck in pops.

I left them sitting overnight, then dipped them in white choc.

Then dipped them halfway with red choc to resemble a "bobber". 

They started to leak what appeared to be oil out of the top, but never cracked. I simply wiped the oil off with a paper towel, and they appear fine now.

I never placed them in the fridge. I was afraid as I read some have cracking issues after refrigerating them, gut some stated they've never had an issue with cracking. I made a few extra just in case I hit some bumps in the road so to speak. =P


In glad it worked out for you and you got the order done

I’m not going to lie I do experience cracks on about 1-4 of them but I double coat the pop or I just take the pipping bag and fill in the cracks.