Humidor Cigar Box Cake With Edible Cigars

. I think this one was long to do because I had to make the labels ,change the wording to suit the occasion and print them ,then cut them all , plus the cigars had so many steps and components to them . I had to make cake for the cigars , cake for the box, ganache for both , Swiss meringue cream for the filling and icing of cake , wine reduction to make chocolate red wine cigar cake pops , dip them in melted chocolate then roll them in molding chocolate I made in various batches and colours to cover cigars ,the box , the lid and then made marshmallow fondant in blue to cover the cake cardboard base. I made ashes for the lit cigars from crushed Oreo cookies and icing sugar..... looks so real ! Then to assemble everything and make it look just right. So you see the process , the multitude of various components and steps is daunting for one baker especially when she is not a professional like me . I had to figure out how to join the lid to the cake and make it stay attached once I got to our destination , it was easier to transport the cake without the lid. All in all the lines could have been cleaner between the white and brown molding chocolate on the box lid but I am happy it turned out reasonably well. The flavours were ..... the humidor box ....... cafe latte cake with coffee Swiss meringue buttercream filling, covered in chocolate ganache and white and brown molding chocolate . The cigars are made of chocolate red wine cake and chocolate ganache with red wine reduction made into a long cake pop dipped in chocolate and covered on molding chocolate leaves to make the cigar realistic. I added white molding chocolate piping to the lid when I got to the destination .


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