Bacon Cheese Burger With Fries And A Go Please!

This is the first time I've made a chocolate Coke bottle cake. I love the tutorial so I've always wanted to try one. So I decided to do one for my brother's birthday. This one is my second attempt. The first bottle crumbled into pieces when I tried to remove it from the plastic bottle that I used as a mold. So the second time around, I used candy melts instead of dark chocolate chips and it turned out much better. But getting it out of the plastic was still a challenge. The burger is a 6" cake, the fries are toasted pound cake strips, and the bottle is the 16oz size instead of the 2 liter size that's in the tutorial. Thanks for looking.

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You did a fantastic job! I couldn't believe the coke wasn't real. I also love the burger. The coloring is subtle and looks so realistic.


Great job!  I've done burgers and fries but never attempted the Coke bottle !  The chocolate bottle seems very challenging.  Mine would come with a side of cursing !

Thanks for sharing!