Construction Cake

Chocolate cake, chocolate meringue buttercream frosting, white chocolate meringue buttercream. Gum paste decorations.

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I did a similar cake for my grandson.  I think you're smarter than me!  I tried (and tried) to make the crane out of gum paste/fondant with the intent of also hanging a "2" above a dump truck.  Ultimately, I gave up and changed my digger.  I wanted everything to be eatable including the cable which was made from black liquorish.  It was still a great cake but no hanging 2.  (LOL)


Haha cheftom!! My 4 year old was quite concerned he might not get his crane back!!! I’m new to the cake world and a fondant crane would be sooooo soooo soooo out of my skill level!!!  He trucks on the hills are also toys.  That and the cake was my “gift” to him!  Maybe some day I’ll get into sculpting!