Mount Everest Climb

Two buddies celebrating their birthdays the same month . One reaching the top / turning 65: the other being helped up by his friend with the help of the rope telling him to climb higher , he,s got a long way to catch up ! the fellow at the top had attempted the climb on Mount Everest in reality so the theme was extra special for him . The cake is several tiers of vanilla moscato cake with cream cheese butter cream and peach compote inside the layers and cream cheese buttercream frosting the whole mountain is then covered first in brown ganache then in white for the snow . The two men are made of modeling chocolate , the cloud should have been cotton candy but that wasn’t shredding well so I used a shredded cotton ball . Then later decided to add the other candles (51) and forget about the cloud that was hiding the (65) candles . Great cake , was delicious and super fun to do , especially the expressions on the guys faces.

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