Wicket Bobble Head

My niece turned 11 yesterday. She has become a big Star Wars fan and initially was struggling to choose between BB-8 or a porg cake but in the end requested an ewok cake. Rather than trying to do a life like version I decided to do a bobble head one as she loves bobble heads!

I was so happy with how he turned out! I think he’s a new favorite and my niece and her friends loved him. Her reaction was worth all the time I put in to making him. His head is marble cake with chocolate butterceam and then a layer of chocolate ganache on the outside. The body is RKT and the arms are a modeling chocolate/fondant mixture which is also what he’s covered with. Hope you all like him too.

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I love it. How do you transport a bobble head cake without it having any mishaps? I need a class on bobble head cakes.


Thank you @Laetia, @gscout73 and Teri :-)

@gscout73 he is "built" on an MDF board base and has a threaded metal rod as internal support.  I cover the metal rod with bubble tea straws so that the cake does not come in to contact with it.  The MDF board as the base gives it some bottom weight which helps to keep it from tipping over.  For any 3D cakes I do that are top heavy or just on the tall side of things I use this same method.  I used it for the first time when I made Olaf a couple of years ago following a Yeners Way tutorial.  It works very well and thus far all of my creations have survived transport (usually an hour long drive).  Yeners Way has a free tutorial for Olaf that would be worth watching just to see how it works and then it can be applied to basically any cake.  I have used it with my minions, Lego minifigures, Deadpool and BB-8.  Here is the link to the tutorial:


His tutorials are really good if you have never watched one before.