Darth Vader

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this cake was to make. The hardest part about it was trying to figure out how the muzzle of the mask was made. It had so many angles and it was difficult to see because it was black. Once I got that sculpted in it was, quite literally, a piece of cake! The light saber is made from gumpaste. It was purely accidental how I got the shading on his name. I sprayed the light saber silver and when I did it oversprayed the letters of his name. So, I ran with it and placed a sheet of wax paper over the lower portion of his name and sprayed a couple of extra coats to darken the bottom portion. Ha!

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Mix equal portions of corn syrup with either a clear high grain alcohol or clear extract and paint directly onto the cake. What happens is the alcohol or extract evaporates and leaves the corn syrup in place. It will not loose its shine. Be careful not to touch it when you get it painted on because it will hold a fingerprint.