Ice Cream Adventure Birthday Cake

A four tier...well, it was supposed to be a four tier, ice cream tower cake. A banana split was supposed to sit on top of the Dilly Bar but it didn't hold. Thankfully it fell into my hand rather than onto the cake! The structure for this cake was made from pvc pipe. The four legs that I created I enclosed with ice cream cones. They are made from RKT, white modeling chocolate and covered in fondant. The dollops of ice cream are cake. On top of the four legs I placed an 8" base of which has a floor flange attached to the center. The Neapolitan ice cream sandwich is made from two 8" layers of yummy butter cake that I filled with chocolate ganache. There is another pvc pip that runs straight up the middle. To create the base for the Dilly Bar I stacked and glued three layers of cake boards (7" x 3"). To keep this base in place I used a pvc male adapter, fed it through the hole I created in the center of the boards, and screwed it down with a pvc coupler that is threaded on one side and a slip on the other side. I built this cake in place on the structure rather than icing and covering the cake then stacking it onto the structure. So, as each level was finished I wrapped it in plastic wrap so that I wouldn't slop anything on it. The Dilly Bar ice cream and banana split cakes I used an 11" x 15" sheet pan of which I cut down. Once I had the Dilly bar finished and wrapped in plastic I started the banana split. Well, that didn't go to well. Like I said earlier...thankfully it landed in my hand and didn't hit the rest of the cake. To make matter even worse I couldn't pull the 45 degree pvc elbow out. It was stuck and in a very bad way. So, now I had a pvc pipe bulging out the top of this Dilly Bars head! After I cleaned up the mess and put the cake back into the fridge I had to sit down and figure out how on earth I was going to fix this?!?!?! Then it hit me...the illusion of chocolate syrup being poured over the head of the Dilly Bar. I grabbed our chocolate syrup bottle, rinsed it out and hot glued a dowel into it. I think it looked better with the banana split but, hey, I'm not complaining. It was a fantastic cake fix!


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