66 Mustang

66 Mustang replicated in cake based on the photos of the birthday boy's own car. It was about 19"longx 7" long.

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Awesome  job.....I'm getting ready to make a mustang in a week....never done it before! Going off of cakenology dvd for guidance. Any advice you can give me?


cg1956, best advice is to download blueprints of the car if you can. there are a couple of websites that offer them for free. I was able to get a side view and a front view. Sometimes if you are lucky you can get the top and back too. Then enlarge it onto paper that is the same size as the cake you want to make to get proportions correctly. Also, if it is someone's real car, see if you can get as many photos as possible from all angles. Make sure that you have a board raised for the car to sit on so that the wheels touch the ground. With the wheels, i actually bought some biscuits that i cover in a rim of fondant one day, then cover the whole biscuit in black fondant the next day, pushing the fondant into the groove, then do the spokey bit. Hope this helps as a starting point. Happy to answer more questions.