Valentine's Day Cake

For my husband Coffee cake with caramel filling

This year our Valentine’s Cake was inspired by the old Romance Comics. When we were kids I saw my cousins who were in their teens at that time read these while we went, ‘Eeeewww’. Somehow that memory just came back and I thought of trying it on a cake. In school I’ve always had an A+ in Art as far as I can remember. I used to be the best in class. But now when it comes to painting on a cake my hands tremble… I’m just afraid I’ll get it wrong. This is another thing I’d wanted to share. Its the best way to paint on cakes. One of the easiest methods if you have the equipment. So far I’ve used it on a couple of cakes with awesome results. This wasn’t a planned tutorial. I just shot it as I worked on the cake. If you'd like to see how it was made please ask me and I'll message the link to you.

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