Succulent/cactus Topsy Turvy Cake

This was for my daughter's 13th birthday - she came up with the design, and I had to learn how to make succulents! Cake was covered in fondant and painted gold, white sparkly polka dots and border. Succulents were all made from fondant, with some royal icing leaves on the two in the back. The pots were chocolate.

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Very unique design and it looks great!  Do you mind me asking what product you used for the gold color?  I have a gold cake coming up and I like the look of yours.


Well, I used the Rolkem Gold super dust, which is not considered edible in the US, though it is non-toxic. Since most of the kids don't like fondant anyway, I told them to peel it off. I painted it using lemon extract rather than vodka to give it a sheen.