Blue Geode

It was an honor to be asked to do a cake for Cake Central Volume 7 Issue 3 int the "Blue Geode Wedding Cake" section. I was on my way out the door for a week long family vacation but I figured why not it would give me something to do while everyone was sleeping. I packed everything I would need (so I thought) and researched on the way. I certainly found out that I did not have what I needed and the nearest store was well over an hour away so I had to make do.

The design elements were all from nature. The Geodes were made using gumpaste and sugar with silver leafing accents. The top tier over lapping design was from a picture of the center of a palm leaf. The double barrel was just fondant colors mixed to mimic marble stone and hand painted with silver accents. The bottom tier design was from a picture of flat white coral that was stacked. Each piece was cut and shaped by hand using fondant.

I have to give a big shout out to my husband and son who crossed a river with my cake jumping from boulders and wading in the little rapids so that I could get just the right pictures.

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